Erin Catherine Potter.

Erin is an 8 year old from Cleveland facing Leukemia for the third time.  Her odds of survival are in the teens or even less.  Erin has faced more in her 8 precious years than most will ever have to.  And her toughest struggle is ahead of her.  Erin’s family has accepted their facts and are preparing for battle.

Erin’s mother explains on her blog what happened after telling Erin her cancer had come back, “She asked me then if she didn’t have a transplant would she die.  I shook my head yes.  She immediately cried that she did not want to die and she wants them to fight as hard as they can.  She is in it to win it.”

Erin is prepared for the fight.  And what else is she prepared for?  To meet Justin Bieber.

Erin has a dream and that dream is meeting Justin Bieber.  Erin’s family, friends and community have rallied around her and her resilient spirit.  Spreading not only love, support and prayers, but Bieber Fever.  From all over the states to even some foreign countries, people are tweeting.  And they are tweeting for Erin.  Hashing #bieber4potter, tweeting directly at Justin Bieber or trying to get other people to retweet for Erin’s cause.

Trying to catch attention has been the main goal of Erin’s supporters.  The more people who see and hear about Erin, the better the chance that Justin Bieber will eventually hear about her.  A facebook event called Bieber 4 Potter was created 4 days ago and it currently has 14,717 guests who are “attending.”  People are reaching out to everyone they can on Erin’s behalf to try and pick up momentum.  The page had talk of getting her on local news, talk shows, and even The Ellen Show.  So far, nothing has been confirmed but the facebook posts continue.

After 4 straight days of tweeting, Justin Bieber has yet to respond.  But some people are noticing.  Chelsea Handler, Aaron Carter, Josh Cribbs, Terrell Owens and even some of the Jersey Shore Cast to name a few have RT’d #bieber4potter!

For now one thing is certain, Erin isn’t giving up and neither the hell are we.  The tweets will continue until this little angel’s dream of meeting the Biebs comes true. #BIEBER4POTTER

Please join us!

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